Day 1 after CoolSculpting: progress update

The next day after my CoolSculpting treatment, the area treated feels numb and tender to touch as well. There is some redness, which you can see from the photos, which are unfiltered by the way. In fact, the right side which was treated with the CoolAdvantage applicator is a faint blush compared to the area on the left which was treated by the CoolCurve+ and CoolFit applicators.

The right love handle and abdomen were treated using the CoolAdvantage applicator, and is less red compared to the left area.
The left love handle and abdomen were treated with the CoolCurve+ and CoolFit applicator respectively.

Some people prefer to wear loose clothing for a few days after CoolSculpting but everything is status quo for me; the soreness is very tolerable and doesn’t bother me at all. The tenderness and redness will resolve by itself eventually.

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